Hong Kong – Fantastic Fakes to Fanciful Foods at Mongkok Market

Hong Kong is a metropolis not for the faint hearted. It’s high-rise skyline, global financial status and copious eateries, shopping centres, pop-ups and technological advances would have even a native Londoner or New-Yorker on their toes. We’re branding the vibe ‘Cantonese Chaos’ and it’s this hectic buzz part that attracts jet-setters to this densely populated South East Asian extravaganza.

For Tiplr, a Hong Kong tip created a challenge. We try to find you underground advice so you can hop off the beaten tourist track…and well, quite frankly, Hong Kong boasts so many diverse experiences that this wasn’t really possible. From my research, there isn’t much you can do in Hong Kong that isn’t cool! So we’re taking you into a world of all things that celebrate native Honkongers, to the district of Mongkok and specifically, Mongkok Ladies Market. I know Western readers are probably thinking, with a name like that, you’re staying well away…but don’t fear, the only ‘ladies’ you find at this market are street vendors selling anything from goldfish to gold jewellery.

When you stroll down the 1km stretch of stalls, you’ll awaken your senses to true and traditional Hong Kong atmosphere, away from the modernity of the city. Inhaling the scent of Cantonese street-food, listening to buyers practicing their haggling and feasting your eyes on sparkling goods fit for a magpie, you certainly won’t leave empty handed, or empty stomached! Whether you come home with a tacky souvenir, item of clothing you’re unlikely to ever wear, or completely useless cuddly toy, there’s something for everyone and something charming about the vibrancy of Mongkok Market – we bet you’re easily drawn in for at least a few hours! The Ladies Market starts at Argyle Street, near Mongkok MTR station. Go on, get stuck in!

Photo Credit: Food Spotting

Featured Photo Credit: novotel-hongkong-nathanroad.com


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