Brooklyn – Not So Secret Garden

Brooklyn is definitely the borough to take refuge in from the looming, surrounding cityscapes of New York City. The overwhelmingly serene Brooklyn Botanic Garden occupies more than 50 acres right next to Prospect Park.

This hideaway was established in 1910 and is home to flora and fauna from every climate and ecosystem. Visitors can wander through the Desert Pavilion, to the Bonsai Museum and into the Japanese Garden.

Each season brings another breath taking exhibition: roses in the summer, cherry blossoms in the spring, evergreens in winter. Year round they also hold workshops and classes on everything from gardening to Tai Chi.

Photo Credit: Mikkel Paige

Admission costs $12 for adults. On weekdays during the Winter and on Saturday mornings, admission is free. If you live in New York City, consider becoming a member. For only $50 you’ll have unlimited free admission AND get access to members-only extended summer hours and special events like garden cocktail parties. You also get to skip the insane lines during the ever popular cherry blossom festival!

Featured Photo Credit: Wikipedia

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