Ban Gioc, Vietnam- Waterfalls on the Border of Reality!

Near Cao Bang City, on China’s border, Ban Gioc Waterfalls open the view with a breath-taking panorama.

They are the highest in Vietnam…a natural paradise for Western Citizens used to seeing meters and meters of skyscrapers and cement. Ban Gioc are 30 meters in height and they jump into Quy Xuan River, where it is also possible to swim and chill out.

The nature around is magnificent. Vietnam is covered by luxuriant vegetation and fields that are cultivated on green and leafy ledges.


However, the way to get to this paradise is not easy. Our tip is to rent a motorbike in the nearest city (it is the most common way of transport) and to ride through the winding road, until Ban Gioc and the near town of Cao Bang, where it is possible to sleep and restore (hotels cost only around €5-$6 USD per night!) It’s not to be missed!

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