Madagascar – The Highest Boulevard in the World!

Who remembers the movie Madagascar, and knows that the island that gives the movie the name is full of lemurs (King Julian XIII’s Court!), living in huge baobab trees!

In fact, the Madagascar island-complex is famous for its rich biodiversity: there are endemic species of plants and animals, among which include lemurs, frogs, chameleons and of course baobabs.

The route from Morondava to Belo Sur Tsiribihina , well known as Allée Des Baobab, is a 200 km boulevard surrounded by huge baobab treess, of which the tallest ones reach 30 meters in height! They are natural monuments, but sadly they risk the extinction.

It is only possible to travel here from May to December, when the season is warmer and not so rainy.  The ground is red and if you walk or drive along this suggestive boulevard while the sun is setting, it will create an emotion that will last forever.

An interesting legend says that baobabs are divine trees and that their tops host divinities. For this reason, don’t be dazed if you see cereals, rum, or fruits at their feet; they are presents to ingratiate the divinities’ spirits!!

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