Brooklyn – The ‘It’ Museum

Just outside of Prospect Park, you’ll find New York City’s third largest museum: The Brooklyn Museum. This massive art collection is comprised of over 1.5 million pieces ranging from Egyptian antiquities to the works of Americans like Norman Rockwell. Why schlep all the way into Manhattan when there’s a colossal stockpile in our backyard?

With an ever-changing rotation of exhibits, there’s something for everyone. Currently, you can experience the glory days of Brooklyn’s beloved Coney Island and how the seaside amusement park has evolved over the last 150+ years. If that’s not your cup of tea, you can see Agitprop! which displays contemporary art devoted to social change.

Photo Credit: Brownstoner

While general admission is only $16 (fairly cheap by NYC standards), there are ample opportunities to get in without making a dent in your wallet.

Thursday nights have never been so fun, and so free! From 6 to 10PM your entry is complimentary. These nights also feature sneak previews for new exhibitions, artist talks and events such as Drop In and Draw.

First Saturdays are irresistible for the art fan who wants a night out. Each month takes on a different theme, from Indian Art to Radical Black History, and most include live music, film screenings and hands-on workshops. According to locals the whole place goes nuts and escalates into a full on dance party. Who can beat THAT night at the museum?

Featured Photo Credit: cubeacon

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