Bla Bla Car – The Revolutionary Way to Travel!

Last minute trip? Trains are too expensive? Buses offer a route that you think will last forever?


Don’t worry, a smart group of guys created the solution: BlaBlaCar is an easy and brilliant app that puts in touch travellers moving from one city to an other, with passengers that already need to travel the same itinerary. The user interface is really simple: you search the starting city, the destination and the date in the home page, converse with the driver to decide the pick up point, pay online or by cash (for some routes there is the obligation to pay online, to safeguard the driver if any passenger doesn’t turn up… Sometimes it happens!) and after the driver has accepted you into his or her car, you will have his telephone number for any other eventualities.

This new travel modality offers the occasion to meet new people, to “BlaBla” in the car, to save money (it’s usually pretty cheap) and to have less  petrol emissions in the atmosphere – 1 car instead of 5!

So, if you’re ready to meet new friends and to become more and more motivated to travel around? Visit BlaBlaCar and start to have fun filled journeys!

Photo Credit: Nust Art Finance

This tip is also a part of the Tiplr Experience: Northern France • Hitting the Road

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