New Zealand – Tamaki Maori Madness

What more of a ‘Kia Ora’ experience can you gain then an overnight stay at New Zealand’s most awarded attraction? The straightforward answer: you can’t. The Maori word meaning ‘welcome’ is not only uttered from the lips of every native, it is their way of life and their aim is for you to experience it too at this home stay village.

Step through into an ancient Tawa forest, home to the Tamaki Maoris and be transported straight into a Powhiri, the formal ceremony of welcome for you and your tribe. But not before you have selected your very own Chief, for he will have the responsibility of ensuring that your fellow tribesmen are accepted into the village! Maintaining eye contact and a straight face will be key to your survival… don’t be too alarmed, the Maoris are known to be among the friendliest people in the world, and they are here to provide a once in a lifetime experience.

The chief will guide you through a series of activities, all designed to test your endurance and strength if you’re wanting to make it as a Maori warrior. Perhaps you prefer a more peaceful stance, in which case why not see if you can master the art of Maori song and dance?

After an afternoon spent working up a sweat and straining your vocal chords, it will be time to witness the infamous Haka. Prepare yourself; you’re going to be transported into a realm of ancient war dance, chants and ferocious face pulling.

Now it’s time to feast. The ‘Hangi’ has been cooking all afternoon in a gigantic hole in the ground, so get ready to tuck into a banquet of succulent sizzling meats and vegetables. Now it’s off to relax in the hot forest pools and gaze at the stars, before resting your head beneath the intricately carved ceilings and walls of the ‘Wharemoe’, your communal, yet comfortable sleeping quarters. For more information on this experience visit: Tamaki Village Website.


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