Mont Saint Michel, France – Tides Change his Look!

Haze, mystical atmosphere, quicksands, a place that is difficult to find elsewhere, for its distinctiveness. Its history begins with a legend: Mont Saint Michel Abbey has been built after archangel Michael’s request to Aubert, Bishop of Avranches, in VIIIth Century.

Initially, Aubert thought he was getting mad and he didn’t pay attention to the Archangel’s wishes, but he was damaged by a sudden hole in his head, and immediately started the works.

Little by little the Abbey started to be famous and to host hundreds of peregrins from everywhere. The necessity of houses and walls to protect the religious place showed up rapidly and the small town of Mont Saint Michel was born.

Today is a touristic place, but always magnificent . You get there with a bus, leaving from the car park. There, it is possible to visit the Abbey (tickets available at the entrance for €9-$9,80 USD), the Museum (different prices dipends on the choosen package. Informations available here); and the Parish Church.

I won’t suggest anything to buy or eat inside, if you are during a low budget trip; instead, I recommend to visit it during ebb tide, to attend a unique view around.


If you don’t mean to get your feet dirty, you can also descend down the city and walk into the sand!

Mont Saint Michel, in fact, relies on tide’s movement and it changes his aspect (and access!) if they are ebb or high.

On the website it is possible to check the accesses on chosen dates.

Photo credit: www.castlesintotheworld and

This tip is also a part of the Tiplr Experience: Northern France • Hitting the Road

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