Florence – Hotel Bretagna Brilliance

Ok let’s get this straight… Hotel Bretagna isn’t very British at all. Hotel Bretagna should instead be called Hotel Firenze or Italia because it is at the epitome of Italian everything!

Delicately charming and subtly luxurious in it’s own way, the classic decoration and continental vibe that oozes from this bolthole on the banks of the river Arno is hands down the best way to experience a weekend in this pretty city. Fusing together practicality, precision positioning and perfecting pricing this hotel really gave us something to shout about on our recent Tiplr trip.

Florence is a culture capital so with so much to see, you’ll probably only use your accommodation to rest your head, which is why it’s so important to find something affordable whenever you head off on a city break. Usually ‘budget’ comes with a catch – I’m thinking dated decor or an unpopular part of town, but this is not what affordable means for Hotel Bretagna and in fact, we found the opposite. You’re probably thinking that a hotel on the river-bank, central to exploring the city and no more than a 10 minute walk from all the major attractions that this Tuscan gem has to offer comes with a downside, but we really couldn’t find one.

For less than $100 per night you’ll sleep soundly, shower in a slick marble bathroom suite, and be able to fill your boots with croissants and coffee for the day ahead at breakfast; they even offer a glass of Prosecco on arrival at their sister restaurant just a few doors down. Delightful!

Want an Insider Tip? Ask to experience the roof terrace at dusk where 4 floors up and glass of wine in hand, the unrivalled view from the banks over becomes even more magical. Hotel Bretagna provides the ideal gateway to be lured in by this devastatingly romantic city. Enjoy!

The Roof Terrace View. Photo Credit: Author’s Own.

Feature Photo Credit: Hotel Bretagna

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