Saint Malo, France – The Corsair’s City

Saint Malo, well known by history’s buccaneers, hosts a famous harbour and is the first Breton city to border with Normandy. It offers a wide range of things to do and see, a huge historical heritage and bright nightlife, events, and festivals for any age and taste.

As with the last city I will write about on this road trip, I want to offer my readers and future adventurers a full day’s worth of options, including where to eat and sleep in order to refresh tired bodies and souls.

In Saint Malo, the first thing you will see are of course beaches: La Plage du Sillon, de l’Eventail and de Rochebonne  will enthuse you even if is too cold to swim. In fact, tides in this city are the most beautiful in Europe and from the windy sweeping sand it is possible to see some amazing sunsets too.

The city is a fortress that has never been conquered. Its ramparts are still in good condition, after 700 years of history. These walls close the historical city center, where it is possible to have access through eight portes (doors) of which La Porte Saint Pierre is one of the most well preserved. In front of the ramparts is situated the Fort National, a fortress from the 17th century.  It is only possible to visit if there is an Ebb Tide which occur during the summer. Alternatively, you can visit the Fort de Petit Bé which is accessible during the whole year.

An interesting route to take is the Chémin des Rochers Sculpts, where there are around 30 heads carved in the rocks… the outcome of Abbot Fourré’s work during the end of the 20th century. These figures represent a dynasty of corsairs, eternalized opposite the sea!

Photo Credit: Brigitte Valotto

Time for a drink? Le Café du Coin D’En Bas de la Rue Du Bout De La Ville D’en Face le Port, better known as La Java is a bar from 1820, famous for hot chocolate and a wall of puppets. A funny and familiar atmosphere will engage you in pirate songs and vintage things.

Want to spend your last night in an unusual place? Have a look at Roul’Hôtes de La Ranche to sleep in a totally natural surrounding, to wake up with the chirp of birds and the running of the squirrels! These caravans are a 5 minutes drive to Saint Malo and it is possible to book throughout the whole year for only €85 per night ($92 USD), breakfast included.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Rebecca Zaccarini

This tip is also a part of the Tiplr Experience: Northern France • Hitting the Road

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