Fiji – Luxury in Leleuvia

Imagine the most picturesque destination  you can possibly dream of. Imagine yourself at your most relaxed and serene. Imagine snorkelling through crystal waters towards warm golden sands. Imagine the ultimate in hidden luxury. The brightest beaches. The most indulgent seafood. Accommodation fit for a King…

The Maldives or Seychelles probably come to mind, but at Tiplr, we know not everyone has a double-figure budget and we don’t think heavenly island life like you’re imagining should be a once in a lifetime (or honeymoon!) opportunity. The answer? Leleuvia: a coral cay off of Fiji’s capital, Suva. It’s everything promised in the above description but with one two essential benefits – price and exclusivity. Chances are if you haven’t heard of it, neither have other luxury-seekers and that’s what this island holds over other premium destinations.

Flights from Europe to Fiji are often less than $1000 and Fiji to Leleuvia is only a 30 minute boat-escape, so you’ll be out of the way of fellow flashpackers in no time and on your way away from the rest of the world to your own (nearly private) island! It’s a true retreat where the business minded can unwind and artists can be inspired. Appealing to every sense, this golden-trimmed island gem boasts one exclusively trendy hut resort if you want to stay the night, and it starts at $22 a night (yes, really!) It’s almost unbelievable, see you there!

Photo Credit: FijiAirways

For more information and to book your dormitory style accommodations or private bure, check out their site!

Featured Photo Credit: Leleuvia Lomaiviti

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