Étretat, France – Monet Was Right on the Mark!

Ready to load everything into the car and go to another amazing destination? This coastal area will leave you astonished and you’ll be left wanting even more.

If you rent a car it is easier to decide last minute which direction is the right one to experience. Every wild seaside or fairy port has its history and beauty. If it is a hitchhiking travel , however, just ask them to bring you to this destination I recommend here. From there you can find another kind person that would bring you to the next one.

Here, in Étretat, the landscape is amazing, but prices are high. It is better to spend the night elsewhere, for example near Le Havre, that’s only 27,5 km away. (I am going to speak about it in an upcoming tip!)

Claude Monet painted these cliffs many, many times, going back to  Étretat every year, beginning in 1883. He was hypnotized by the picturesque view and by the singular openings in the rocks, called “doors”.

Sonnenaufgang bei Etretat by Monet     Photo Credit: Wikipedia Commons

The Manneporte (that is also the name of a famous Monet painting) , the Porte d’Aval, and the Porte d’Amont  will make you feel a part of a paintingGo to Chapelle Notre Dame de la Garde to overlook the landscape. From that point you can take beautiful promenades to visit the different falaises (cliffs).

Featured Photo Credit: fullhdpictures.com 

This tip is also a part of the Tiplr Experience: Northern France • Hitting the Road


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