Beijing – A Bubble and a Bird’s Nest

Cast your mind back to when Beijing hosted the world Olympics (some 8 years ago now)! You’ll no doubt remember this host-city as leaders in Olympic village architecture, boasting some of the most impressive buildings seen in the history of the games. Our tip? If you didn’t manage to get tickets to the famous sporting events back in 2008, then it’s time to take a trip to these colossal sites and marvel at their sheer size and innovative design that really are one of a kind.

It’s true that this country doesn’t do things by halves…The Great Wall of China, Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City are just a handful of the magnificent creations Beijing boasts amongst it’s repertoire of fabulous and impressive sites which you’ll be sure to visit on any trip to the self-proclaimed Middle Kingdom of China. However, most of these exhibit hundreds of years of rich history in contrast to the Olympic Village which holds just 8 short years of impressive existence.

Once a gathering place for the world’s finest athletes and housing an Olympic-sized pool, the Water Cube pictured as the feature image has now been transformed into a wild and wonderful aquatic centre for tourists and locals alike to enjoy. A water-park like no other, you’ll be encased in a literal cube of bubbles and likely to spend the whole day here riding the wave machine or sliding down one of thirteen super-slides… there’s even a spa-pool and lazy river for the adults. We personally think it sounds more fun than watching the Olympics here would have been!

Photo Credit: Pastimers (Youtube)

Once you’re done being a fish for the day, the National Stadium (A.K.A The Bird’s Nest, you can see why it’s nicknamed this in the image below) is another wow-factor architectural feat to feast your eyes on. The stadium’s sheer size just cannot be photographed: it can seat 80,000 people and covers over 250,000 square meters. What’s more if you prefer your ski to surf, it turns into a ski resort hosting 30 snow activities between December and the end of February! Sound amazing? You’ll need to see it to believe it. Entry to the sites cost from around $10 upwards depending on what you want to access.


Photo Credits: Mena Everoh and Paul Rieffer

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