Galway • Anything But Boring Cuisine

So you’ve spent some time in Ireland and eaten your fair share of traditional Irish food? You’ve devoured delicious stews, pies, fresh fish, flapjacks and let’s not forget the spuds (AKA ‘potatoes’ to us non-Irish) but it’s time to ditch the delicacies and enjoy some alternative cuisines done fabulously in this small but cultured city…

First stop? The Dough Bros. Why? Because everybody loves pizza and it tastes even better when it’s teamed with a heartwarming success story. Once a mobile trailer pizzeria (I know, sounds very London!) the Neapolitan inspired homemade pizza is now served from a pop-up restaurant in the city centre and travellers and locals alike have gone wild for it. Customers can watch these fresh but slightly indulgent creations being made in front of their eyes… sure to get your mouth watering whilst you wait! From stall to street in just 1 year, this wood-fired street food is a great afternoon snack and is best eaten casually (yes, that means with your fingers!) We recommend the ‘Posh Pepperoni’ with balsamic onions, fresh rocket and spicy jalapenos! What a treat!

Photo Credit and More Info at The Dough Bros Website

Our second recommendation (just in case you didn’t get a big enough cheese fix at Dough Bros!!) is Sheridan’s Cheesemongers. You’ll no doubt find this one mentioned in each and every guide to Galway and that’s because it’s anything but just a cheese shop! Trading now for 11 years, the vendors boast a traditional trading style, situated at the sight of the Saturday Farmers market (we recommend foodies visit this at the weekend too). However after browsing and buying from the rich selection of charcuterie, antipasto and and cheese board goodies you can take a trip upstairs to the perfect wine bar where you’ll be willingly served fine wine accompanied by a platter of Sheridan’s artisan delights. Soak up the atmosphere, sip slowly and marvel at the board of delights served alongside. Sheridan’s Wine Bar is described as a different but dazzling experience. Providing a whole new meaning to try before you buy, it would be hard to dosa-brie with this one!

Photo Credit and More Info at Sheridan’s Cheesemongers Website

This tip is also a part of the Experience : Ireland • Cycling the Emerald Isle

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