Brooklyn – Skee-Ball and Cheap Beer

Ever find yourself yearning for a game of Skee-Ball, but you wouldn’t be caught dead in some dingy arcade surrounded by a bunch of haughty pre-teens? If so, you’ll fit right in at Full Circle Bar in Brooklyn’s Williamburg neighborhood.

With a semi-competitive league they’ve created called “Brewskee-Ball”, you know these guys aren’t messing around. They meet Monday – Wednesday, so you shouldn’t have a hard time securing a spot most other nights. On Thursdays and Sundays they even offer free skee-ball!

Photo Credit: Serious Eats

Locals also flock here for the massive canned beer selection (40 and counting) which is displayed in a 3-D menu on the wall (see above photo, extra points for creativity). Beer deals here abound. Try the $4 Genny Dog (a Genesee Cream Ale + a hot dog), or the $6 beer and shot of tequila or whiskey combo.

Featured Photo Credit: Niki Achitoff-Gray

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