Brooklyn – Relics and Knick Knacks

New York City is littered with museums; art, history, science, fashion. Whatever you can think of, New York’s got it.

But what about a museum about New York City itself? At the City Reliquary in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood, you’ll find just that. The Reliquary is a non-profit museum and city organization, that believes in the importance of collecting as many statue of liberties figurines as possible. Just kidding, they really care about preserving the history of this fine city, but they do have a TON of statues.

Photo Credit: Tara Turner

For a mere $5, you can step inside this time capsule and be transported back to the Worlds Fairs, the days of Jackie Robinson and the Dodgers (before they switched coasts) and a time when one radical woman (Little Egypt) dancing in a crop top began the art form of burlesque.

The aforementioned items make up the museum’s Permanent Collection. They also have rotating exhibits from the community, which have included everything from a collection of unicorns, to a tribute to local war heroes.

No matter what time of the year it is when you go, check out their back yard! You’ll find a tree house decorated with beer bottle caps next to a homemade grotto shrine dedicated to New York’s patron saint, Miss Lady Liberty herself!

Photo Credit: Tara Turner

On the way out be sure to peruse their modest gift shop and find a little something to take home with you.

Main Photo Credit: Conde Nast Traveler

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