Galway – The Key Street is Quay Street

Sit down and watch the world go by… or stand up and dance all night. Whatever your style, Quay Street is the place to sit, stand, dance, eat, drink and socialize like a true Irishman in Galway. With enough Irish pubs to feed and water the 5000, this destination is sure to provide you with night after night of entertainment and unless enjoying yourself isn’t your thing, we think you’ll really like this Tip! The only thing we wouldn’t recommend is staying in a hotel here if you want to get an early night: it’s known to get quite lively and colourful!

Serving up spectacular live music venues and with a number of of late-bars open until 2am, the nightlife on Quay Street is thriving. Don’t worry though, this isn’t your average night out: you won’t hear any popular or dance music here! Irish Traditional and Rock ‘n’ Roll is more the sound of this cobbled medieval street which is still very much in it’s heyday. Busy day and night, you won’t drink alone and are sure to meet interesting characters from all over the world with locals and travellers alike sharing tales over a cold pint, or hearty selection of great value grub.

Our top recommendations depending on your partying preferences are as follows:

Relaxed and atmospheric, food at The Quay Street Kitchen is served with a smile and the portions do not disappoint. Serving good old-fashioned ‘mums’ cooking  to fill your boots, the only downside is you’ll most likely have to wait for a table in this friendly and popular spot.

For seasoned pub-dwellers, 400-year old and aptly named The Quays Pub boasts a late-night venue upstairs on the mezzanine level, traditional live music throughout the week and a beautiful medieval church interior! Although somewhat a tourist attraction and known to get a little bit rowdy, you get a real Irish-pub experience here so it’s certainly worth a visit if you’re in the mood to party!

The Quays Pub Interior.  Photo Credit: The Guardian

Third and finally and if you’d rather opt for a peaceful evening, we recommend just taking a short stroll down Quay Street from the Spanish Arch to soak in the vibrant atmosphere and enjoy music from the local hippies and street musicians who fill the street with joyful Irish music. Souvenirs from street vendors are also guaranteed to bring a smile. You might even be tempted to get stuck in and stay for a drink!

Photo Credit: Kinvara Inn

This tip is also a part of the Experience : Ireland • Cycling the Emerald Isle

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