Cadaqués, Costa Brava – Feel the Inspiration!

Cadaquès grabs your heart and doesn’t let go. Salvador Dalì, who lived here in the 1920’s, was right with his dripping clocks and his surrealistic soul. This village maintains its classic charm, despite it’s growing popularity. Between it’s white, Greek style walls (it was an ancient Greek colony) you can really feel the energy of the light, the water and the minerals in the atmosphere.
Walking through the small alleys, smelling the typical mirabilis jalapa flowers, dancing Sardana with the old ladies and eating “pan con tomate’ y anchoa” (garlic, olive oil, fresh tomatoes and anchovies on toasted bread), you’ll never want to return to reality.
The best place is Galeon Bar, one of the more ancient pubs in the village, just in front of the sea, in the main square. Here you can also ask for una caña -a beer- for less than 2 euro. (Passeig Maritim, 13)
If you love the sea, there are a lot of routes you can take to discover the Natural Reserve in which Cadaquès is absorbed. Cap De Creus is named for its’ particular shape and amazing seascapes.
One of the best diving centers is Diving Portlligat Cadaquès, which offers courses for beginners, as well as 3 or 4 day diving packages and sailing during the night. For prices you can check their web page here.
FYI, if you like to swim naked, nobody here will care!
 photo credit: Jordi Mora 
If you arrive in August, during the first full moon, you will have the opportunity to join a big party on one of their most beautiful beaches, approachable only by sea or by a long and bristling path, not recommended during the night.
No worries: for the full-moon party, sailors offer to bring you to the beach, and to take you back: the crossing, relaxed through the open sea, between two big reefs (one, called The Sphinx, is 22 meters!),drives you into a fairy tale, halfway between a pirate story and a dream.
Some useful tips you should know if you decide to cross the mountain that hides this particular small world in Costa Brava (actually until the 1980s, there was not even a paved road to access it!).
  • Don’t be worried if you don’t see people outside until late at night. Remember Spanish time, and at around 2 am.
  • Ask people for Calle La Felipa, the perdition alley. You won’t be disappointed!
  • Try not to call the locals “Spanish people”. Cadaquès is in Catalunya and locals are very proud: they also speak a different Catalan dialect from the villages on the other side of the mountain.
  • Visit Salvador Dalì’s house. You should book in advance, as it is always crowded.
For more information you can visit Casa Museu Salvador Dalì Port Lligat .
Be relaxed and free. Breathe the light. This is what the village is always suggesting to you.

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