Lille – Bienvenues Chez Les Ch’tis!

Lille is a key point on the road through Paris and Bruxelles;  it is an academic city and the capital of Ch’ti culture .

The Ch’ti  is the language of Nord-Pas de Calais region, originating from the langue d’oil picard.  It is dissimilar from french: a word like broom, translatable as serpillére, is wassang in Ch’ti.

This city is famous for the beer and for carbonade flamande (flemish beef and beer stew), as the city is near Belgium. Usually this region is not well renowned, but this city deserves a few days stopover.

Walking through the Grand Place and Vieux Lille, down to Solferino street (the nightlife blows up here!) and the Wazemmes area, we notice the melting pot of this city, between Flemish, French and Muslim cultures.

Restau Soleil Le Viziteur is a key point for travellers and intriguing people who want to chill out and meet Lille’s citizens. It is not a touristic place (here you can hear the authentic ch’ti!)  and it offers cheap beer and local specialities, in addition to couscous and pizza (even if it is made by the French, it’s the best in town).

They propose deals during the week and a wide range of events, from karaoke to concerts in the backstage room: a great experience to meet passionate and inspiring people!

Photo credit: traveldealscheap

This tip is also a part of the Tiplr Experience: Northern France • Hitting the Road

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