Dublin – On Your Bike!

So you’ve landed in Ireland’s Capital. You’ve filled your boots with Guinness, visited the Trinity University site and strolled down Grafton Street bustling alongside the buskers taking in the many beautiful sights of the nicknamed ‘Fair City’. Perhaps you’ve even braved the infamous Temple Bar… you’re essentially all touristed-out? Well, we have the answer. It’s time to get, up, out and on your bike, and we mean it quite literally…

Thanks to a group of friendly gents at Biking.ie, there’s a new way to see a whole lot more of this stunning Isle now that you’ve successfully checked off the Capital. Located just outside the city in Tickock, with Mountain and Road Bike Rental at as little as 30 USD per day for 12 days, you can start your journey right away. Whether you’re a novice or an expert rider the folks at Biking in Ireland will help make sure you’re all kitted up and ready to ride.

Tiplr suggests you head out in the Spring to see Ireland in all it’s luscious green glory. Always take the scenic routes to avoid the highways (unless you’re taking a break from cycling and catching the bus between destinations, of course – it’s not cheating, there’s a lot to see)! If you’re in search of initial direction we suggest heading West, on an 10-day round adventure towards Galway. You’ll see every inch of quintessential Ireland on your way stopping regularly to rest and refuel along the way in any of the 5 counties that you’ll pass through on your travels.


Not convinced? Check out the company’s Instagram page for some stunning and inspirational photos like the one above, from your fellow bicycle explorers.

Photo Credit: Manfred Stromberg and Michael Foley

This tip is also a part of an Experience : Ireland • Cycling the Emerald Isle


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