Coolrain, Ireland – Slieve Bloom Mountain Magic

Softly rolling across central Irelands’ planes, the Slieve Bloom Mountain Range is a natural hub for adventure and activity situated close-by to the sleepy village of Coolrain. The perfect opportunity to drop off the radar and get lost (metaphorically, of course) in the countryside, the site provides all the beauty of the Irish landscape, with unspoilt yet free to explore areas and a real sense of freedom meaning you won’t see tourist after tourist here.

How exactly you choose to go about exploring is entirely up to you. Sixteen different walking trails have been put together for your pleasure… or if you’re hanging around the hills in Spring and would rather take a guided tour, the May Bank Holiday Walking Festival sees likeminded groups of people sharing a love of the landscape and taking to the trails together! Alternatively if you’re out for a little more adventure, golfing, horse riding and fishing opportunities are all available with a host of enthusiastic leaders and mountain-dwellers who are more than happy to show you the delights of their jungle. All of this information is nicely collaborated and available on the Slieve Bloom Website for you to quietly discover… but don’t tell everyone or you’ll ruin the Magical Mountain’s peaceful charm.

Photo Credit: Walking and Hiking Ireland

Exhausted from all that walking, hiking, running, cycling, jumping, exploring, photography and fresh air? We bet! Then what better way to end your day in the mountains by stopping off at one of the many pubs, inn’s guesthouses and boltholes for you to rest and replenish your energy supplies. Sheeran’s Village Inn in Coolrain village itself is literally a thatched solace at the foot of the range, famed back in the 80’s as one of the best pubs around and now reclaiming it’s heritage through warm welcomes and Irish tradition. Oh and it looks great from the outside too!

More Information and Photo Credit: Sheeran’s Pub

Photo Credit: Martin Maher

This tip is also a part of the Experience : Ireland • Cycling the Emerald Isle

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