Senegal – Dindéfélo, Chimps and Waterfalls

Dindéfélo is a village in the Kédougou region, in south Senegal, next to the Guinean border. Dindefelo means “next to the mountain” in Pulaar, a dialect of the Fulani ethnic group, the majority in this area.

Thanks to the initiative Dindéfélo Rural Community, 13.000 hectares have been declared a Community Natural Reserve, to contribute to the conservation of chimpanzees and sustainable development. The initiative has been launched from the Jane Goodall Spanish Institute (IJGE) and includes research, conservation, education, ecotourism.

The Dindéfélo waterfalls are also famous,  and guided tours are provided by people of the village, to discover the beauty of this amazing and unknown natural area.

Photo Credit: Katie Mullins

Accommodations are available near the Natural Reserve, like Campement Villageois Dindéfélo (Contact: Ricard Diallo, Tel: 00221 775165875 ), that offers comfortable basic rooms, shared toilets and uses the profits to fund some need of the village, as the clinic or the school.

Because the Campement Villageois Dindéfélo, like other facilities that offer accommodations, doesn’t have a website, for more informations it is possible to check at Ecosenegal Kedougou.

photo credit: Jane Goodall Spanish Institute (IJGE)

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