Parma, Italy – Eat and drink. Suggestions from the Expert

Parma has been designated the food capital of the European Union. Anyone who travels to this beautiful city in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy absolutely can’t miss out on some of the local deliciousnesses. One must drink a glass or two of lambrusco, the sparkling red wine produced on the hills.

I am providing tips on Parma’s typical food, fresh made pasta like anolini (or cappelletti) and tortelli  and where to eat it without the risk to be peeled as a potato ready for  gnocchi (that is an other speciality, but beware of imitations!)

In the city centre there is a cozy restaurant that seems made for tastings: Degusteria Romani  (Borgo Palmia, 2) has a wide choice of Parma’s best dainties,  whenever you feel your mouth watering!

At 6PM it is time for an aperitivo and for around €5 ($6 USD) you can get a glass of wine (you should  taste Lambrusco Doc or Gutturnio, both great options!) along  with a platter of Prosciutto and a selection of local cold cut meats over a torta fritta (fried dough, you must try this!) or sliced bread.

Still hungry? Another of Parma’s hidden gems is Oste Magno, (Borgo Mazza Angelo, 12), perfect for a glass of wine before dinner, is a unique bar-wine shop that offers only products coming from Parma and surroundings. My suggestion is to get la scodella, a bowl of white wine Malvasia, part sweet and part dry.


Photo Credits: Degusteria Romani  and Oste Magno.

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