London – The Hunterian, not your Average Museum

London, England. Home of The Shard, the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben and the iconic London Eye. Needless to say if you’ve visited London using any old guidebook you’ve probably already been wowed by these well-known sights but the chances are you haven’t seen, or maybe haven’t even heard of, the Hunterian Museum… and we’re here to change that!

If you’ve visited Buckingham Palace, home to the Queen, why not take a trip to this anything-but-boring museum which houses one of the oldest collections of anatomical, pathological and zoological specimens and is based on the items assembled by John Hunter a British surgeon and anatomist from the 17th Century.



Aside from the mere 3,500 fossils, paintings and drawings, the Hunterian Museum’s pièce de resistance is definitely the skeleton of a deceased 7ft 7in tall Irish giant, so you can see how you measure up! And if all that isn’t enough to intrigue you and you’re wondering where all the British Culture has gone, you can always head to Tiplr’s favourite exhibit: Winston Churchill’s dentures!

Yes, ok, it does sound like a slightly freaky and bizarre way to spend your afternoon and yes, walking alongside a collection of surgical instruments from the 1700’s, is certainly not for the faint-hearted. But it’s time to take a break from visiting all the iconic city sites and time to see something completely astounding, so why not get a bit gruesome whilst you’re at it! Best shake off the ‘museums are boring’ mantra right now…

Photo Credit: Anthony Hill

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