Moscow – Secret Celebrations at Lucky Noodles


Originating in the 1920’s Prohibition Era in the United States, the ‘Speak-Easy’ is quickly becoming the coolest new bar trend all around the world with secret establishments popping up in every major city: you just might not have heard about them yet, and that’s exactly the point of attraction! No need to spend your New Years Eve crammed against a sticky bar, desperate to get the drinks in before it turns 12, instead surround yourself with likeminded people and receive quality cocktails in an exclusive environment. All you need to do now is find it!

Moscow is home to one of Europe’s most interesting and unexpected hidden bars. Mendeleev Bar is aptly named after Russian Periodic Chemist, Dmitri Mendeleev who inspires the bar’s eclectic mixology resulting in the cities most exquisite cocktails served by Moscow’s finest barmen!


The beauty of these cocktails of course is that they’re all served behind the facade of a kitsch Chinese Noodle Bar which is the only point of entry for guests. Don’t worry though, the Noodle Bar isn’t just a disguise and in fact serves all their snacks to Mendeleev Bar just in case you need something to keep you partying until the early hours… It is open 24hrs a day after all!

Once you’ve braved it through the door of Lucky’s and passed Face-Control you certainly won’t be disappointed with this buzzing underground Speak-Easy where you can sip on a Mai Thai and imagine you’re anywhere in the world.


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