Mumbai – Street Food is for Culture Lovers

Street Food is the most typical meal in Mumbai and  its reputation is spread around the world. There is a multitude of kiosks around the city, but we focused on those easily reacheable from key visitor’s points. Here our picks:

Sardar’s Refreshments, is situated a five-minute walk from Mumbai Central Station and is specialized in Pav Bhaji. (Is narrated that this speciality was created as lunch for workers in a Mumbai’s textile mill, because they didn’t have enough time to have a complete meal).


The Bhaji is a preparation of mixed greens with onions, tomatoes, potatoes and basic spices, very hot and red/orange colored, mashed to give a thick consistency. It’s usually served with chopped raw onion, fresh cilantro, lime juice and butter and everybody would suggest you to eat some onion before starting the Pav Bhaji, otherwise it will be really spicy!

The Pav for this plate is a sweat soft roll baked in a row, chopped and served with the Bhaji  and melted butter.

Sardar’s is located at 166-A Tardeo Road Junction, Tulsiwadi, (open from Noon to 2am)

At Anand Stall, in Mumbai West, not far from Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport yo can find another typical Mumbai’s grab-and-go delicatessen: Vada Pav.

Vada is a potato patty mashed with garlic, chillies and coriander, dipped in chickpea flour and fried. It is served with Pav, a white and buttered bap, spread with coriander chutney and sprinkled with garlic and chilli powder.


Anand is on Gulmohar Road, Vile Parle West and t’s open from 7:30 am to 11pm

If  it’s late and you are heading home but your stomach is muttering you should try at least another speciality from the streets of Mumbai, let’s eat the well known Chicken Tikka roll at Bademiya!


It’s right behind the lush Taj Mahal Palace Hotel,on Tulloch Rd, Apollo Bunder, Colaba.

Photo Credits: Wikimedia, Alpana’s KitchenThe Wandering Mind

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