Mumbai – A Room into a Painting or a Hidden Nest?

The lodging choice usually  is about your style, but sometime is driven by a budget and there is plenty of accommodation ideas in a dynamic city like Mumbai. We did the good part of the job for you picking two great solutions for different pockets.

Solution 1: Le Sutra

If you are looking for the splendor and a fairy experience Le Sutra, The Indian Art Hotel is definitely your place.


Le Sutra –in Sanskrit Sutra, means “rope or thread that holds things together– is an art boutique hotel, made bay artists, designers, curators, philosophers, visualizers that all together created this dreaming place.

Each floor is based on a Guna, a tendency or attribute that sits within people, nature and things. There are three Gunas: Tamas, associated with excessiveness; Rajas, associated with action and Sattva, the balance and minimalist state of mind. You can optate for the floor that best fits yourself, since every room is like a virtual canvas that narrates stories, mhyts, philosophies of India’s cultural heritage.

A room for two is around $100 per night on The hotel feature a Spa and there are two restaurants: The Out of the Blue serves a variety of continental food. Mediterranean food is available at the Olive Restaurant.

Photo Credits: Le Sutra

Solution 2: Hotel Lawrence

If  you are backpacking across India and you want to discover a different soul of the city, the Hotel Lawrence is one of Mumbai’s best kept secrets (I shouldn’t give this tip away…!). It’s located on the third floor of an office building, centrally located and it faces a street full of restaurants and street food, typically indian!

The owners are very friendly and you can get a double room for around Rs.1000 ($15).


There is no website, but the address is: Third floor, ITTS House, 33 Sai Baba Marg , Fort, Mumbai • Phone: (91-22) 2284-3618

Photo Credit: TravelPod

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