Moscow – Bring in the New Year at Tverskaya Ulitsa

Any major city comes with a major street. As bizarre as it sounds to rate a road as a must-see tourist attraction, it’s safe to say that nobody visits Paris and doesn’t take a walk down the Champs Elysees or on a trip to London doesn’t hit Oxford Street for some shopping. These landmarks provide a perfect platform to see the historical architecture of a city combined with modern commercialisation and enjoy taking it in over a few kilometres stroll…

Moscow’s equivalent then is Tverskaya Ulitsa which comes to life on New Year’s Eve, when the already buzzing environment throws a street party and carnival to allow a magical experience in the heart of the city. To understand the sheer scale and importance of this celebration, the usually congested  6-lane wide street is fully pedestrianised to make way for the New Years Eve celebrations: such a huge operation that it only happens once every year.

Although sometimes described as over-crowded and noisy we like to think that this is part of Tverskay Street’s Russian Charm. Crowds are certainly flocking here for good reason: to take in the best of Moscow’s bars, restaurants, shops and nightlife. If you don’t want to spend your New Year immersed in culture, music, and being mesmerised by street performances at every intersection, then this probably isn’t the street party for you! But if you are heading to Moscow over the New Year in search of a party, it would be a shame to miss this extravagant festival of entertainment.

From the exquisite Christmas decorations to the eerily-lit legendary historical statues, Tverskay Ulitsa is a street you have to walk down to see it in all it’s glory and there’s no better occasion than New Years Eve.

Journey To Christmas Winter Festival In Moscow


Photo Credit: Metro Website &

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