Moscow – A Bath with a View

Tall and triumphant, the Triumph Palace Hotel is quite literally a step above the rest, renowned as the highest hotel in Europe. For a modest $100 USD per night, you can bring in the New Year on the 60th floor of a Neo-Classical high-rise, and become part of Moscow’s skyline in one of Russia’s most famous and photographed skyscrapers.

If the panoramic views haven’t already won you over, rest assured you’ll be snoozing in the most stylish room around. This place takes its Boutique Hotel status very seriously. Don’t be alarmed to find decedent furs and romantic furnishings encapsulating Russia’s imperialism mixed with modern lines and a muted color palate for a tasteful mix of old and new Russia.

Tiplr has only one word of advice… Make sure you keep your complementary bathrobe close by to hide your modesty from the rest of Moscow when you hop out of the tub after a soak! It’s also pretty handy for wearing whilst you tuck into your first Breakfast of the New Year, handily delivered directly to your room.



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  1. Moritz says:

    Wow, looks truly amazing. At the moment, there are truly great deals to make in Moscow (and Russia in general)!


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