Bohinj – The Perfect Outdoor Getaway

Bohinj, Slovenia. It’s the biggest natural lake in Slovenia, but is much more than a lake. It is an attraction for the whole family. If you are wondering what to do with your kids, because you need relaxation but they want creativity and things to do, you came to the right place!

Visitors claim to have never visited a more beautiful place. This location is perfect  in mid-summer to swim or kayak in the crystal-green-blue water and dive into a completely natural environment.

You can’t miss Ukanec waterfall. If you like to hike or ski, the top of Vogel mountain is perfect both in summer and winter.

Your kids will love the nature and rural attractions spread everywhere. Sports activities are the best way to spend time together as a family!If you are interested  in history and culture (maybe while your kids are learning how to milk cows or ride bikes down the forest!), you can visit the typical alpine farms, with the “black kitchen” (not a satanic cult!), blackened by the smoke from the chimney.

There is also interesting museums, like Tomaž Godec, with a rich collection of archeological finds.

Useful tip: The lake is a perfect spot for a picnic lunch!

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