Barcelona – A Panorama from a Civil War Bunker

Barcelona: birthplace of architect Gaudi, home to the world-renowned Nou Camp stadium and famous for the Sagrada Familia Basilica, steeped in multicultural heritage. European tourists and travellers flock to the Catalonian capital, which offers the best of both worlds, with a Mediterranean beach hot-spot only a minutes stroll from the cosmopolitan metropolis of the city itself.

However, to truly appreciate this city in all its gothic glory, seeing it from above is highly recommended. There are ample opportunities to appreciate the landscape from a visitors perspective, including climbing the Cathedral and taking a cable car.  The most authentic experience, however, comes by climbing the old Civil War Bunkers del Carmel, with a view well worth the short trek.

To do it like a local, gather a group and head up at sunset with some Spanish beer in hand and experience sitting on top of this beautiful city.

Photo Credit: Pelle Braendgaard

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