Europe – The Whole Continent at your Fingertips

Europe is best done by train and an Interrail ticket is all you need to experience all this diverse continent has to offer in one trip. Go to sleep after a long day visiting Croatia’s National Parks and wake up in bustling capital city, Budapest. Or if high-speed is more your style, take the shuttle from Amsterdam to Paris and be there in time for a morning coffee and croissant.

For those unaware, Interrail tickets are basically a season pass to all of Europe’s interconnecting railways. Tailor your ticket to the length of your trip and you’ll be hopping around the continent in no time. The beauty of interrailing is that it’s entirely up to you how you do it. No more booking costly flights with long check-ins and months of route planning, instead simply present yourself and your backpack at any European train station and the next destination is yours to decide.

It’s not often the journey that enriches your trip but rest assured this epic rail adventure is not one you’ll easily forget.

For booking and enquiries visit the Interrail Website

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